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  • Shelf size:

    (Lenght x Depth) 12" x 10.5" (inches)



    3 Wall screws are required, we provide them



    Bich plywood, strong and beautiful wooden texture


    Beige natural Birch color



    No other L-shape support is needed, only the screws will hold the shelf perfectly


    Wall screws given with the package


    Ideal for multiple or single cat homes


    Cleaning can be done by wiping with a damp cloth


    Water resistant coating

    Bracket Cat Shelf for adult cats and kittens

    ₹1,900.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,600.00Sale Price
    • You will need help of a carpenter, because a wall drilling machine is required here. Figure out where this shelf will be most suitable for your cats and follow the installation steps.

      Step 1:  Drill holes in the wall as per the holes given in shelf

      Step 2: Put screw holders (plastic) in the holes by hammering them inside the drilled holes

      Step 3: Attach the shelf with screws given in the kit

      Ensure the shelf is tightly placed on the wall. Try asserting pressure on the shelf with your hands to ensure that it is holding strong.



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