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Shruti Gotarkar (LinkedIn) is an IT engineer from Pillai's Institute of Information Technology, Navi Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode. It was her lifelong dream to establish a business of her own. Her favorite hobby is to do DIY home decor and her first preference was to get into home decor business but then she met Gaurav and the plan took a different turn.

Gaurav Singh (LinkedIn) is a Mechanical Engineer from Father Agnel's, Vashi and MSc in Thermal Energy from University of Arizona, USA. He loves to do road trips and loves a good beer and sizzlers on side. Currently loving Marathi cuisine, courtesy his wife Shruti. He wanted to move to Delhi and work with his father in Mathura but he met Shruti and his life's plan took a different turn.

It is when they adopted cats the idea of cat towers/pet furniture struck them and they decided to pursue it full-time. Both Shruti and Gaurav are pet lovers and this seemed to be the best option because in India there were pet lovers but products like Chota Pakoda's were not available. As soon as they began this journey in a year they got married and now are a happy family of 4 cats and 2 hoomans.

So Chota Pakoda is the love child of these two individuals with active right brain hemispheres.

Chota Pakoda is a start up that aims to fulfill the wishes of loving pet owners to provide comforting niches for their pets to rest, to sulk and …of course, to click unbelievably cute pictures. The USP of Chota Pakoda is that they make hand-crafted products with raw materials sourced from all over the world. They make products that are sensible to your pet’s needs. For instance, cats are tree climbing mammals who prefer to sit at heights, whereas dogs like to have a safe, quiet and secure place to sleep, rest and hang their tongues out. Chota Pakoda not only understands these nuances, but swirls around with them in ways that result in cute, colourful and comfortable homes for your furballs. They make homes of all sizes for your “chota” and “bada” pakodas.

Chota Pakoda Founders and a married couple entrepreneur

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