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  • As you all know that we make faux fur cat towers. When a particular fur color is used the left-over peices are of no use because they cannot be used to cover any part of the tree as a complete design. Therefore we started introducing things that are made of left-over fur. The famous Mousey Singh is also a result of that.


    Bone toy features are: 

    1) It is super soft

    2) It is a sustainability focused product

    3) They are made by local village tailor who is training to become our designer tailor for us

    4) They all come in same standard lenght of approximately 18 cm

    5) It is not plastic thus you can give this to your dog without any tension of ingesting plastic

    6) Pets tend to lick hairy/furry toys, they imagine its a friend

    7) It is machine washable


    So when you buy this product you support the cause of sustainability, women empowerment and reduce the use of plastic toys!

    Soft Upcycled Fur Bone Toy for Dogs

    ₹299.00 Regular Price
    ₹199.00Sale Price

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