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  • Straight feeder is good for pets with neck problems, pets throwing up due to improper eating position and old pets who need assistance with eating.


    • According to your pet's height choose the right size.


    Approximate Sizes:

    Small: L x B x H : 8.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches     Bowl- 450ml

    Medium : L x B x H : 9 x 10 x 5 inches       Bowl- 850ml

    Large : L x B x H : 10 x 12 x 6 inches        Bowl- 1400ml


    Bowl size becomes bigger with size


    • Customisation is possible only for height (bowl sizes on feeder will not be according to your house bowls) please connect with Shruti 9769172989 for changing height of feeder
    • Bowls are included in the product
    • Raised height makes it easy for pets to eat
    • You can buy extra bowls with us, WA Shruti 9769172989
    • You can add name tags >> Go to Cat Accessories section and add name tags/plates
    • Material used: Rubber wood/Birch plyoowd depending on the avialability
    • Water resistant coating is done on the feeder to avoid damage due to water spillage


    Note:  It comes assembled. No need for assembly on arrival.

    Single Straight Feeder for cats and small dogs

    • Yes, steel bowls.

    • Cats and dogs need water and food at a height because its easier to eat from a height. It gives them better control over food in mouth. Reduces neck stretch and increases immediate satisfaction of drinking & eating water/food quickly and not dropping it.

      Pets with neck problems and flat faces benefit the most.

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