• This whole wall mount play area is made with good looking and strong Birch Plywood. It has been polished and made cat and human friendly.


    In pictures it is divided in 2 areas, one major play area and another for your bedroom for the cats to have a play area in multiple places. The wall mounts can be divided and used as per your requirements.



    It consists of:


    6 shelves

    2 baskets

    1 big step shelf

    5 horizontal scratcher poles

    1 Cat Wreath (the circlular thing in the middle)(a two cat sitting area)

    2 Boxes (1 cat shape door and 1 paw shape door)

    1 scratcher pole attached to a basket

    1 scratcher table

    1 name plate


    Carpenter Required.


    Can be customised according to a lower or higher budget.





    Wall Mount Cat Play Area Package




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