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  • Horizontal Scratching pad has a rectangular scratching area, something that your cats would like to scratch and also sit on since its rough in feel.


    It can be hung on the wall with strong well-fitting nails and it can be kept on floor or any flat surface.

    The size is 18'' by 14''


    Base material is plywood and scratching material is a strong jute rope.


    Scratching Pad Horizontal Rectangle shape

    ₹1,500.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,200.00Sale Price
    • Some cats may know immediately that its for scratching and some may not know and take some time.

      If they do not use it, dont worry, you are one step ahead in understanding their psychology.

      However, if they dont use it, here are some tips:

      1) Play with a mousey around the scratcher and let them touch and feel the rough area

      2) Keep it near hoomans like in the living room or bedroom

      3) Keep it in the range of their playing area, for our cats the pathway from hall to bedroom is a play area, so our scratchers lie in this area

      Tips for every cat hooman:

      At regular intervals change the position of the scratcher in the house on rotational basis, specially near hoomans sitting place. A new location keeps things interesting for cats. Scratching is also a form of expression of feelings for some cats like happiness or frustation. So, keep it around the place the hooman resides the longest so that they can communicate.

      Remember cats are fercious hunters with feelings and they like things adventurous and romantic at the same time !!!!!!


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