• Super Easy to Clean!!!


    Made of water-resistant ply stained in dark brown color and then polished. The poles have full rope windings. Ideal for 1-3 cats.



    Height: 40 inches
    Base: 17.5” x 17.5”

    Box size: 16.5” x 16.5” x 12”

    4 full rope vertical scratchers.


    How to clean? 

    Can be dusted just like normal human furniture. 

    Ideal for cats with peeing problems in the house. Pee can be cleaned easily from this tower. 

    The water-resistant plywood has multiple coating for water proofing and smooth finish.


    NOTE: Will need assembly upon arrival. Screws and allen key are provided and assemly time is approximately 15 minutes.

    Nutty's Chota Jamun Cat Condo and scratcher

    • Just like any other furniture in your house.

    • This is because of the following reasons:

      1) The poles have full rope which is not the case in fur-ChotaJamun. This means more labor and time to make it

      2) The plywood is stained for seamless dark coat and later it is coated with water-resistant polish twice to get better results. This means more time to make it

      It takes overall more time and labor to make it presentable to the human eye.