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    • Best selling vertical scratcher since 1 year!
    • Life: More than 3 years


    • Replacement: You can replace the mouse toy and the pole once it gets utilised completely


    • Cleaning: Regular dusting, easy to clean
    • Topple resistant
    • Good for multiple cats and rough play


    Pawrents love it and cats love it too! This vertical pole is the optimum size for scratching for all kinds of cats, kittens or adult!


    • It is a 3 ft tall scratching giant.


    • Pole thickness- 4.25" x4.25"


    • Base size : 18" x 18"


    • 1 Mouse attached.


    • Assembly needed on arrival (5 mins)


    Scratchers are essential for cats. They help them file their nails and keep their mental and physical health better. Introduce scratchers when they are kittens. Encourage them to play on the scratcher everyday. Engage in hooman+cat play everyday using the scratcher.

    No-fur 3ft tall Meowzilla Cat Scratcher Square Vertical Pole

    ₹3,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,600.00Sale Price
    • We want to bring affordability to good structures for cats so we don't use Laminates. Also laminates are too smooth for cats and they do not provide any grip. We use polished plywood.

      We use commercial plywood to make our towers and stain them before applying water resistant coating on it.

      During the cutting and sanding process some part of veneer (top layer of plywood) chips off and we don’t use filler to fill it as over the time, due to wear and tear it will come off.

      Also the stain is directly applied to the plywood and due to blotchy nature of wood the stain absorbed is different in different region. This is also evident in sample pictures on our website.

      Blotchy stain and removal of veneer doesn’t affect the functionality of the tower in any way. This process helps us to keep the towers more affordable. This issue will not in anyway be a clause for REPLACEMENT OR REFUND.

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