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  • Fact: The basket at the top is a customer favourite customisation. So we decided to introduce it as a product.


    • Pole size : 3ft height , width 4.5"


    • Base size : 20" x 20"


    • Basket size : 15" inner diameter


    • Ideal for 1-4 cats 😺


    • Default color is full dark grey, rope color is brown


    • Assembly on arrival


    • There will be 2 packages. Both will come separately and both will have separate tracking codes. Both might not be delivered at the same time
    • Default color will be full beige or full grey, if you want any other color contact Shruti on WA 9769172989

    Lounger Meowzilla 3ft scratcher and sleeping cat tower

    ₹4,140.00 Regular Price
    ₹3,330.00Sale Price
    • 1) The fur will not be applied to bottom parts of the plywood because it affects the stability of the tree

      2) Fur will not be applied to insides of the tree because it makes it super hot inside. For colder regions you can put a home blanket inside to make it more warm but we cannot provide full fur coverage from inside

      3) The exposed plywood is not harmful in any way to the cats. The exposed plywood will have have some printed things which is a drawback of using commercial plywood

      4) We make sure that fur is applied 100% in all corners till the end of dispatch. Kindly make note that during transit there is friction which might make some fur ends come out. In this case kindly apply fevicol to re-paste those

      5) We use Faux fur = fake fur

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