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  • Introducing the Imarti Condo Cat Tower Scratcher, the perfect playground for your feline friends. Standing at 4ft tall, this cat tower is designed with cats in mind, providing them with opportunities to scratch, play, and lounge all in one place. The sturdy base ensures stability, allowing multiple cats to climb and hang on the tree-like structure, just like in the wild. The round baskets and cozy condo provide a comfortable spot for your cats to sleep and relax. Plus, the scratching poles help to keep your cats' nails in top condition, saving your furniture from their sharp claws. Give your cats the ultimate playground with the Imarti Condo Cat Tower Scratcher.


    Material Used:

    Plywood for bases, baskets & condo

    Faux fur for coverage

    Jute rope for scratching on poles

    Thick cardbaord tubes as pillars

    Fauz fur and poly-cotton for toys


    2 Mousey Singh come with the tree


    Dimensions in inches:

    1) 4 round baskets with 15" diameter

    2) Condo 14" x 14" x 12" (L x B x H)

    3) 3 Poles of 2ft height

    4) Base 24" x 24" 

    5) Total height just aboe 48"


    Assembly on arrival is required.

    Assembly Manual :


    Carpenter is NOT required. We provide all screws and allen key for assembly.

    Imarti Condo Cat Tower Scratcher 4ft tall with Sturdy Base

    ₹8,500.00 Regular Price
    ₹7,750.00Sale Price
    • Regular Maintenance is required. There are 3 ways to do fur cleaning.

      1) Run your bare hands over the fur surface in one direction for many times until the bigger particles gather at one place

      2) Take a mildly damp cloth to remove all the fine dust and then let the tower dry under the fan for half hour

      3) Use of Vaccuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean it all

      There is one way to clean the rope on the pillars:

      1) Use a mildly damp cloth to collect all hair and dust particles in one place and remove them

      Please note:

      Do not try to wash the tower with excessive water otherwise it will damage the whole thing.

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