• Thickness 3.5" Width 12" Depth 10.5"


    # wall screws and assembly instructions given


    # ideal for multiple or single cat homes


    # cleaning can be done by wiping with a damp cloth


    # water resistant coating

    Wall Mount Floating Shelf

    • You will need help of a carpenter, because a wall drilling machine is required here. Figure out where this shelf will be most suitable for your cats and follow the installation steps.

      Step 1:  Drill holes in the wall as per the holes given in C-shape wooden unit

      Step 2: Put screw holders (plastic) in the holes by hammering them inside the drilled holes

      Step 3: Attach the C-shape wooden unit with screws given in the kit

      Step 4: Put on the shelf on the C-shape unit and screw it on the given holes

      Ensure the C-shape unit and shelf both are tightly placed






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