• A 5 ft tall cat tree called Capachinu


    1) Base is 24 inches by 24 inches

    2) Hieght is 5ft

    3) Color options vary according to availability

    4) Good for multiple cats

    5) Great for a corner of the house


    NOTE: Will need assembly upon arrival. Screws and allen key are provided and assemly time is approximately 30minutes.

    Capachinu Cat Tree Scratcher Condo House 5ft tall

    • The Tower can be cleaned by two methods:


      1) For Furr area run your bare hands in the direction of furr repeatedly to remove particles bigger that dust particles. For wooden area inside boxes use mildly damp cloth to keep clean


      2) Use Vaccum cleaner to clean the tower thoroughly


      We advise that for maintaining the tower regular cleaning and dusting is important.




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