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    • Welcome to the little brother of our iconic highly popular 3ft Meowzilla Scratcher
    • Ideal for 1-2 cats both adults and kittens
    • This scratcher is a 2 ft tall scratching giant, it does not fall even with rough play. The big bottom base takes care of that
    • Fur colors available : red, dark blue, light grey, beige


    • Dimensions:

    Pole thickness- 4.4" x 4.4" 


    Base size : 18" x 18"


    • 1 Mouse attached


    • Assembly needed on arrival (5 mins)
    • This product comes in two parts, one will have the pole and one will have the bases, so you will receive two tracking codes via our website and our shipping partner Shiprocket/Intargos


    Scratchers are essential for cats. They help them file their nails and keep their mental and physical health better. Introduce scratchers when they are kittens. Encourage them to play on the scratcher everyday. Engage in hooman+cat play everyday using the scratcher.

    2ft tall Fur Meowzilla Cat Vertical Scratching Post

    ₹2,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,900.00Sale Price

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