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5 Things To Know Before Getting A Cat Home

Many people crave the idea of having a furry best friend but are seldom able to get one due to work commitments and housing issues. When it comes to dogs, pet parents need to consider a lot more points, than they do for cats. Relatively lower in maintenance, cats can be a constant source of happiness and purring around the house!

Once you’ve finally decided to bring a new kitty home, you should prepare for your cat to be comfortable and safe. Having a cat as a pet requires less attention, grooming and exercise, but there are certain essentials you should be ready with.

Veterinary visits

The first thing to do when you bring a cat home, is to book an appointment with the vet. This is necessary as the kitten needs to be dewormed and vaccinated at an appropriate age. An early check up can also help you determine the overall health of the cat and eliminate any diseases or medical problems. The vet may even prescribe certain vitamins and syrups that can help the cat grow stronger.

Food, water and litter

Food and water are basic necessities for any living being and thus having a permanent spot for both at home is a good idea. Instead of just bowls, think of investing in raised feeders for cats that can provide more comfort while eating. Choose a variety of dry and wet cat food daily, and make sure to keep your kitty hydrated!

Get your kitty used to the litter box from day 1 so that they don’t dirty other areas of the house. Find the litter best suited for your cat and also make sure to find the best way to dispose off the litter. There are some flushable litter brands available, which are easier to dispose off.

A safe space

Cats like their alone time, so make sure you’ve create a safe space for them to just chill and rest. A quiet corner in your room or balcony, an unused bathroom or even an empty cupboard make quiet corners for cats. Buying a cat house or a cat tower is also a good way to let your cat feel safe and entertained. We all know how much cats love jumping in and out of enclosed spaces!

Scratching necessities

Cat’s claws need to be sharpened and so to avoid ruining your furniture, get a scratch post for your kitty. Never ever go in for a claw removal surgery as it is painful for cats and their claws are a necessity for them. Instead, you can trim their nails regularly.

Indoor or outdoor?

Many pet parents struggle with the decision of whether their cat should be an outdoor one or indoor one. Depending on the area you live in, make sure it is safe for your cat to wander out alone. If there are many stray dogs and hostile cats near your house, or you live too close to a main road, it may be wiser to keep your cat indoors so as to avoid accidents.

If you decide to keep an indoor cat, secure all open areas in your home, such as the windows and balconies. Put a grill or net so that the cat doesn’t fall out or accidentally jump off after a bird. Always keep a collar on your cat so people know it is a domestic cat incase it gets out of the house.

Getting a new kitty home can take a little adjusting to, but it will definitely be worthwhile! All the unconditional love and affection that you’ll receive will more than make up for the little time your new cat will take to adjust to their new surroundings. So stay patient and make sure you’re doing everything you can make your baby comfortable.

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