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Pawfessional Dogs At Work – Dogs have better job options than you!

For most of us, our dogs sit at our feet, laze around all day, play and cuddle with us. But did you know these smart four legged animals can do much more than just that! While we love to spend time playing and snoozing all day with our furry pets, there are many dogs out there who are trained at a certain skill and have everyday jobs, just like us humans.

It is well known that dogs are amazing as our companions and best friends, but we do sometimes forget just how extremely exceptional these animals are. They have some extraordinary canine capabilities that help us humans in many fields.

Here are just some of the incredible jobs that dogs do!

Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities and go with them everywhere. It’s a full time job! These special dogs work with people who need mobility assistance, medical assistance (such as with seizures), guides dogs for blind and even hearing dogs for deaf people.

Service dog for the blind. Source

Police and Military Dogs

These tough four legged soldiers and officers are a huge part of the military and police in every country. Due to their amazing sense of smell, they can detect and sniff out substances that humans can’t and thus dogs make great detectors, trackers and scouts for things like bombs and drugs as well. They are trained to assist in the line of duty, and can chase as well as catch suspects running away.

Indian Army Dogs performing yoga with their handlers. Source

Zanjeer was a part of the Mumbai Police Dog Squad and assisted in the 1993 bombings in the city. He helped in detecting more than 3329 kg of RDX explosives, 249 hand grenades, 600 detonators, over 6000 rounds of live ammunition, and prevented 3 more bombs from blasting.

The heroic Mumbai police sog, Zanjeer. Source

Therapy Dogs

Dogs who help with therapy usually visit schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. and work with sick or injured people, providing emotional support and therapy. They are said to be able to sense and smell fear, anxiety and sadness. We all know how comforting it is to have our furry babies around in times of distress, and thus trained and certified animals are helpful in a medical patient’s therapeutic journey.

Therapy dog at a children’s hospital. Source

One of the most famous dogs in therapy is Smoky, who was the first recorded therapy dog and also a celebrate WWII war dog!

Smoky, the first recorded therapy dog. Source

Herding dogs

Herding dogs are basically Managers who oversee other livestock! They are raised to herd livestock such as cattle and sheep and keep them in line.

A border collie herds sheep. Source

Rescue dogs

These dogs are highly trained for searching and rescuing people in hard to find situations. These dogs possess skills like agility and exceptional smelling and hearing, and help in different fields such as avalanche rescue, tracking missing people, specialised searches, and cadaver location.

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, about 300 dog/handler search teams were sent to the site and they helped find numerous survivors.

Riley helped in rescuing survivors after the 9/11 WTC attacks. Source

Social Media Influencers!

Just like us humans, dogs also have their celebrities! We are all crazy about some lovely furry friends that we follow on Instagram or Facebook and we’re all fans of ‘social media influencers’ like Mochi (@1570fgemma), Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug), and Jiff (@jiffpom), among others.

Doug, a social media celebrity. Source

A life without dogs just seems incomplete, not just because our pets are a big part of the family, but also because without the dogs who provide the above services, humans would not be be able to get things done easily.

Adopt a dog and save a life, you never know your furry baby might grow up to be a soldier or celebrity one day!

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