• This product is the result of needs of many cat/dog parents struggling with managing their pet's toys, leashes and other stuff.


    When this customer ordered it from us we knew this could become one of the most useful products for pet parents.


    Product details:

    1) Dimensions : Length 50cm, Breadth 35cm, Height 20 cm

    2) Color and type: Dark brown stain and water resistant polish

    3) Material : Plywood 

    4) Making time : 10-12 days

    5) Needs assembly? NO


    • Easy to clean
    • Multi-purpose
    • Designed for storage lovers
    • Two handle holes given

    Toy Basket No-fur Storage Bin for Pet Toys

    ₹2,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,800.00Sale Price
    • We all know how storage bins and baskets are loved by home-makers. They are pretty, affordable and colorful.

      This is a plywood version of the same plastic containers we use at home for storage.

      1) Long lasting - it is made with plywood and it provides secure structure for years, can be used for keeping heavy stuff and can stock more such on top of each other

      2) Easy to maintain - its smooth polished surface is easy to clean and years later when the polish wears off you can re-polish it from a local carpenter

      3) Decor - its dark stain matches our home decor where mostly furniture is brown in color

      4) Environment friendly - if you believe that each of us must buy thoughtfully stuff that lasts long to avoid over-consumption then this is your way to go