• Say Hello to Mini Meow and bye bye when your cat sees it!


    These toys are handmade by Simona Terron who is also known as CatCrazyChica !


    This is a collection which has resulted from multiple Pet Parent requests for a toy that could withstand the battering of enthusiastic kitties.


    Include this toy in your paytime with your cat and see them go crazy.

    MiniMeows Cat Fabric Toy Set of 3

    • Chota Pakoda suggests a playtime of 10-15 mins every morning and evening for better mental and physical health of your cat.

      1) Tie a rope on its end and play with your cat with it by swinging it here and there around the room

      2) Make sure your cat gets to run around but not crash on surrounding furniture and remove any breakables from the room

      3) Hide toy and let your cat discover it when you are in office

      4) Introduce the toys slowly and once playtime is over, hide the toy at an unreachable place so that your cat does not get bored by playing with it all the time

      5) wash the toy because it is fabric, fresh smells makes the toy intriguing

      Playtime also means interacting with hooman! It creates a bond and makes your cat healthy and happy.